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$15 for a Ferrero Rocher, Baci & Lindt Bouquet from Sweet Candy Creation ($49 Value)
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A unique gift needs to have the following qualities: original, thoughtful, and appealing. What could embody these things more than something especially designed to bring a smile to your face, and a rumble from your tummy? Your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied with today’s Toronto DealTicker. $15 for a Ferrero Rocher & Lindt Bouquet from Sweet Candy Creation ($49 Value)!

Dazzle your friends, your family, or even your bride with these intensely appealing candies from one of Toronto’s top shops! Imagine the surprise on her face when you leave one of these amazing candy bouquets for her to find. It could be the way to her heart! Or ladies, you know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so this is obviously the perfect choice for you when searching for the right gift. It also makes a wonderful centerpiece for when you’re playing host for a big upcoming party. It serves wonderfully as a point of conversation, and doubles as a treat for the guests. Whether you’re looking for a creative gift idea, or just something to add a little pizazz to your abode, look no further. This special tasty treat entwine all of the criteria you’re looking for in the perfect gift, and it satisfies your need for a sugar rush, too!

Get this item off your “To-Do” list by ordering now, before the deadline hits! You know you want to scoop this up and take advantage of the awesome savings, so what are you waiting for? You will end up paying full price if you wait too long!

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$15 for a Ferrero Rocher, Baci & Lindt Bouquet from Sweet Candy Creation ($49 Value)
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