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LAST CHANCE: $18 for 3 LED Candles with Colour Changing Remote -Taxes Included ($49 Value)
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When you think about romance or setting the mood for an intimate atmosphere, you automatically think candles. There is just something so enchanting and mesmerizing about the flicker of a candle, whether it’s one or a dozen scattered around the room accompanied by chocolates and rose petals. If you’re too clumsy to trust yourself with flames or you feel like decorating your indoor or outdoor living space with candles galore, there’s no better way to do it than with today’s Canada and USA DealTicker! Only $18 for 3 LED Candles with Colour Changing Remote - Taxes Included ($49 Value)

This Colour-Changing LED Candle Set is a great way to burn candles without actually burning anything at all! It includes three pillar candles (4", 5", and 6") and a remote for you to change your candle's flame colour to suit your mood; twelve colors ranging from soft pink to dark blue to plum purple are available. This candle is perfect for parties and weddings with specific colour themes - it’s easy to set up and requires no fuss! Suitable for use indoors or out, this LED Candle Set will bring an air of whimsy to your next evening event. Made of real wax with a naturally melted top, this LED candle will provide ambience for any occasion. It’s safe to leave unattended or around children and pets - no need to worry about the little ones or furry friends getting into trouble! The timer mode automatically turns the candle off after 4-8 hours for your convenience. This is a unique and handy innovation that is great for holiday decor, gifts, and much more!

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LAST CHANCE: $18 for 3 LED Candles with Colour Changing Remote -Taxes Included ($49 Value)
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