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$14 for a Micro-Fleece Baby/Kid's Jumbo Hooded Blanket Made in Canada! - Taxes Included ($25 Value)
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The freezing chill of an oncoming breeze is easy to ignore if you’re an adult, but the babies and kiddies out there need to snuggle up with something warm to avoid catching a cold! Give them the best, softest, and highly durable thing they need to get through the season in the peak of good health. It’s right here in today’s Canada & Continental US DealTicker! $14 for a Made in Canada Micro-Fleece Baby/Kid's Jumbo Hooded Blanket - Taxes Included ($25 Value)!

One of the best things about this time of year is having an excuse to wrap something warm, fluffy, and perfectly adorable around your child. Keep out the cold and make sure they are snuggled up tightly with this awesome product. The cream colour of the blanket blends in perfectly with the season, and everyone who sees it will wonder where you ever found something so cute and soft. Many imitation products out there can’t stand up to the rip-roaring weather, but this one certainly does! Pad them up in the baby carrier, or sling it around them for added warmth while you’re chillin’ at the house. It’s so comfortable that you might even find yourself holding them a little closer just so you can enjoy the soft and furry feeling as well! Nothing wrong with that; just remember to share!

You can also share in the savings if you jump on this deal right away. Any delay might result in paying full price later on. Why do that? Save the cash now!

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$14 for a Micro-Fleece Baby/Kid's Jumbo Hooded Blanket Made in Canada! - Taxes Included ($25 Value)
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