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$19 for a PUPPIA Personalized Fleece Harness - Taxes Included ($39 Value)
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The harsh season of chilly weather is upon us! Sometimes that coat of fur isn’t really enough to keep your puppy warm during those necessary outdoor walks. Keep them snuggled up and safe with today’s International DealTicker.$19 for a PUPPIA Personalized Fleece Harness - Taxes Included ($39 Value) Even though your pet is already super adorable, imagine how cute he or she instantly becomes the moment you place them inside this comfy fleece harness! The nasty frigid air won’t be able to penetrate the thick fleece, and the harness part of the covering means you don’t need to worry about them running off or getting into trouble. The best part is that you can actually customize the fleece harness! That means this would make an awesome gift for a friend, because it would not only benefit them and their puppy, but it would obviously be thoughtful and come from the heart. Before you heard outdoor so your puppy can do his or her business, think about what the temperature might be like. Our four-legged friends don’t want to go out in that chilling frost any more than we do! Make they are covered up appropriately with something that’s also fun and appealing to the eye.

Your puppy won’t wait until the last minute to get dressed, and neither should you when it comes to scoring this awesome deal. Get the savings now and keep that best friend of yours toasty warm! Why pass this up when you know your puppy is drooling over it right now.

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$19 for a PUPPIA Personalized Fleece Harness - Taxes Included ($39 Value)
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