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LAST CHANCE: $24 for a Michael Kors Inspired Watch with 4 Styles to Choose From - Taxes Included ($65 Value)
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At some point you have to figure that your withering sense of punctuality is going to be called out. Yes, the weather sucks, the roads are icy, traffic is bad, all the lights are red, and your mother-in-law called you in a panic about some errand she needs you to run…but maybe it’s time to admit to yourself that you do indeed need to check the time a little more frequently. Thankfully, that’s no problem. Keep time – and stylishly too – with today’s International DealTicker deal of the day: $24 for a Michael Kors Inspired Watch (4 Options) - Taxes Included ($65 Value)!

This beautiful watch is sure to keep you checking the time much more frequently than you mean to – you won’t be able to look away! 100% brand new and high quality, the watch features a classic yet contemporary design inspired by one of today’s leading designers of fashion accessories. This beautifully designed piece is a snazzy attention-grabber in its own right, and it functions as a truly elegant timepiece for any occasion that can complement any wrist and any style. The watch works with pretty much every outfit, so you never need to worry about mismatches. And don’t forget, it comes in your choice of 4 designs, so you get the style that speaks to you the most. Most importantly, each watch is both durable and accurate; be confident you’re getting the best of quality and the latest fashion, all at once!

Supplies won’t last long, so snag this exquisite accessory while you still can! Order now and have it delivered straight to you! Spoil yourself or your honey with this truly value-packed DealTicker; keep time in style – you won’t be sorry once it’s on your arm!
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LAST CHANCE: $24 for a Michael Kors Inspired Watch with 4 Styles to Choose From - Taxes Included ($65 Value)
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