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$14 for 10 Light-and-Release Chinese Lanterns - Taxes Included ($50 Value)
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Your neighbourhood barbeques are beginning to get a bit dull. The patties may be sizzling, but your backyard certainly isn’t. Maybe it’s the fact that the Potts next door have decided to overturn their lawn (and half of yours) in favour of an elaborate gopher hunting expedition, or that the other half of your property is full of holes thanks to the Potts’ new no-leash-for-Fido policy. Need to spruce up your outdoor party space quick, in time for a soon to happen social gathering? Good thing there’s today’s International DealTicker deal of the day: $14 for 10 Light and Release Chinese Lanterns – Taxes Included ($50 Value)!

Finally, the perfect party decoration and outdoor sprucer-upper! These traditional luck-bearing lanterns make ideal party pick-ups and easily make weddings, birthdays, BBQs, and all parties infinitely more memorable. These lanterns can rise an impressive one mile in the sky – perfect for all to see and admire! Guaranteed to make yours the most visited bonanza on the block – add a flying flare and watch the crowds go wild! All lanterns are completely safe for your guests while remaining visually dazzling. Made from non-toxic materials, these lanterns are guaranteed to make your party a flaming, flashy smash! Chinese lanterns are a common symbol in Chinese folklore and have come to symbolize festivity and good fortune. They’re sure to liven up any occasion and are a unique way to create a distinctly festive vibe at your event. You can now buy your own pack of these amazing decoration pieces more affordably than you’ll be able to find them anywhere – so why wait? Everyone hosts a barbeque, picnic lunch, or outdoor get-together in the coming spring and summer – why not make yours the best looking one of the season?

Order yours while supplies last! This is a rapidly trending accessory and is lighting up parties across the country! Don’t forget to spread the word about today’s fiery DealTicker – and enjoy high flying flaming fun all party long!
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$14 for 10 Light-and-Release Chinese Lanterns - Taxes Included ($50 Value)
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