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$19 for a pair of Stylish Eco-Friendly Shoes - Taxes Included ($78 Value)
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It’s 2013 and with all the gluten-free-super-soy-tofu-hemp diets there are out there, it’s safe to say that society has come a long way in vegan, vegetarian, and eco-friendly lifestyles. Still, among your friends you’re known as “the Phoebe” of the group, a reference to your perpetual Save The Earth mentality - well, and also your general ditziness. The point is that you love being trendy and chic when it comes to fashion, but not if it comes at an ethical price to pay. Lucky for you there are alternative styles that suit your commitment to preserving the planet, the best of which can be found when you participate in today’s National DealTicker! Only $19 for a Pair of Stylish Eco-Friendly Shoes - Taxes Included ($78 Value)

New shoes are hard to find, new eco-friendly shoes that double as ethical and chic are even harder to find. These stylish eco-friendly shoes from ColourfulGrass are the perfect way to celebrate your love for the Earth while still maintaining the hottest new footwear trends! Embrace your inner hippie and upgrade your allure with the latest in distressed hemp treatment. These hemp hand stitch shoes are styled with this season’s trends and available in an assortment of designs to choose from such as beautiful bow-laden flats, bright bumblebee strappy sandals, casual beach bum flip flops, and much more. Bring eco to your Metropolitan life and recycle your style with the coolest textures and colors. You can be fashion forward with plenty of attitude and the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank!

Put the ‘hip’ back in ‘hippie’ courtesy of today’s National DealTicker! Hurry and sign up now while the offer lasts!

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$19 for a pair of Stylish Eco-Friendly Shoes - Taxes Included ($78 Value)
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