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$25 for a 1-hour Full Body Swedish Massage ($80 Value)
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Those aching muscles in your back may indeed be the result of a 3 decade old mattress, or perhaps it’s the stress of the winter deadlines at work creeping on you. Whatever the cause, the one thing that’s definitely NOT helping is your husband’s insistence on attempting nightly “soothing” backrubs – which often end up doing more harm than good! Grr. Want to leave the massaging to the pros? You can, thanks to today’s Toronto DealTicker deal of the day: $25 for a 1-hour Full Body Swedish Massage ($80 Value)!

Thanks to today’s de-knotting DealTicker, it’s more affordable than ever to be in the expert hands of an expert healer. While a massage may seem like a luxury you can do without, there is plenty of recent research that confirms what many have long suspected – massages, as practiced by trained, expert, licensed professionals, hold the key to many significant health benefits! Massages can reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones, and even raise mood-elevating brain chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin….the list goes on! It is a welcome addition to any routine that helps prevent burn-out – in body and mind. Now imagine that this deal isn’t advertising just any massage – it’s a full body Swedish massage! This is a specialized technique that uses friction to focus on body muscles that affect the circulatory system; it’s an astounding form of non-invasive therapy used to alleviate discomfort associated with day-to-day occupational stress, overuse of muscles, and chronic pain. You owe it to yourself to try it, whether you are in need of some drastic tension release or just feel like a gentle, soothing rub as part of your wellness routine. De-stress on your own terms!

Take a positive step towards achieving optimal health for you and your family. Call today and rediscover the revitalized you! Don’t forget to spread the word about this soothing DealTicker!

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$25 for a 1-hour Full Body Swedish Massage ($80 Value)
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