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LAST CHANCE: $14 for a Therapy/Alignment Socks - Taxes and Shipping Included ($39.90 Value)
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Your new job tending bar at the sketchy new watering hole by your apartment might be paying off financially, but it’s certainly starting to manifest itself other ways. It wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t on your feet for hours at a time – alas, your shoes are being worn in, your toes aren’t getting a break, and even after five hours of tips, you’re in pain! You could stick to your desk job – but where’s the fun in that? Take to your feet and stay there with today’s National DealTicker deal of the day:  $14 For a Pair of Therapy/Alignment Socks – Taxes and Shipping Included!

These incredible therapeutic alignment socks both comfort, and rejuvenate your feet thanks to a special design and careful therapeutic engineering. Say goodbye to foot pain! Soft fluffy fabric hugs your feet while separating, stretching, and perfectly aligning your toes. This method provides instant relief from aches & pains, hammertoes, bunions, foot cramps, ball-of-foot pain – and more!They’re so comfortable that you can even sleep in them! Made of completely washable and especially comfortable fabrics, these socks aremade to last and will retain their therapeutic qualities well into their lifespan. The socks fit a wide range of foot sizes and work just as well on all of them. Relieve Your Foot and Toes From Aches and Pains by Perfectly Aligning your Toes Naturally!

Comfortable, durable, and most importantly – effective! Wear them at home or wear them in your shoes, it’s totally up to you. Enjoy this amazingly simple relieving treatment, and give yourself some much needed relief from foot aches! It really works! And don’t forget to spread the word about today’s feet-first find!

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LAST CHANCE: $14 for a Therapy/Alignment Socks - Taxes and Shipping Included ($39.90 Value)
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