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Halloween Superhero Pet Costumes Starting at $25 (Available in Multiple Sizes) - Taxes and Shipping Included ($70 Value)
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Last year’s trick-or-treating escapades went late into the night; the loot was plenty and your kids got sick – just as Halloween should be. At least you thought so, until you came home to find Fido was sick too – sick as a dog, you might say! Turns out Fido wanted in on the fun as well – why do only the humans get to dress up? No longer, we say! Turn your pooch, feline, or any other furry friend into the superhero they are at heart with today’s not at all ridiculous National DealTicker deal of the day: Halloween Superhero Pet Costumes Starting from $25 – Available in Multiple Sizes – Tax & Shipping Included (Up to $75 Value)!


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s super….dog? Guess so, thanks to today’s pet-astic DealTicker. Now, truly the entire family can participate in the Halloween festivities. Caped crusaders go canine, feisty females go feline, and everyone’s favourite masked vigilante is getting a fur-ocious makeover. It’s cute, it’s fun – and it’s now more affordable than ever! Get swept away with autumn cheer; bring your pet trick-or-treating, involve him in the decorations – and spread the holiday spirit around the neighbourhood! All of the costumes look sharp and can handle rigorous animal wear. They fit easily and are totally comfortable for your furry companion. And of course – you can use these way past Halloween. Just because the lanterns burn out doesn’t mean your family can’t have a grand ol’ time with their best friend draped in a cape!


Order now, while supplies last! Create unforgettable family moments and memories that will last a lifetime. And don’t forget to bark orders to your whole neighbourhood, to let their pets get in on the fun too!

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Halloween Superhero Pet Costumes Starting at $25 (Available in Multiple Sizes) - Taxes and Shipping Included ($70 Value)
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