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$4 for a Mobile Phone Wall Holder - Taxes Included ($15 Value)
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After waiting in line for hours at the grand unveiling of a shiny new phone, you take it home and can’t wait to put it to good use - mainly with apps and constant texting, of course. But first thing’s first: the battery power needs to be fully charged so that you can get the most out of your fun new gadget. When you have an expansive collection of mobile devices that are always in need of charging, it’s easy to lose track of which cords are which and, worse, it’s easy to trip over them on the floor. Instead of keeping a mess of tangled technology lying around, why not keep your toys safe, secure, and organized courtesy of today’s National DealTicker! Just $4 for a Mobile Phone Wall Holder - Taxes Included ($15 Value).

This neat and convenient Mobile Phone Wall Holder is the next best thing in mobile accessories and is a perfect solution for charging your phone without a fuss. This holder comes in a variety of fun colours and is made of a hard and durable polyurethane plastic for maximum durability. It works with mobile phones, mp3 players, iPod, or PDA and provides a safe spot while charging your device. This holder simply hangs between the battery charger and wall socket and eliminates trips and falls from charging cords. Buy one for yourself or make it a gift for a friend! Finally! Affordable Cases was created to give consumers a more affordable option when it comes to purchasing accessories for your mobile devices. They boast 100% customer service guarantee and are eager to help you get started with your brand new phone!

Today’s handy deal is one of a kind and one you can’t afford to miss! Sign up for today’s National DealTicker and get your hands on it now while you still can!

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$4 for a Mobile Phone Wall Holder - Taxes Included ($15 Value)
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