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Book Inspired iDevice Cases: A) $15 for iPhone 4/4S ($60 Value) OR B) $25 for iPad ($80 Value) - Taxes Included
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Your new iThing is your proudest possession. Cool, sleek, trendy, and way more expensive than you wanted it to be – it’s truly every consumer’s dream! Of course, it never stops with just the initial purchase – there’s a whole bunch of accessories that no one thinks of that still need to come! Case in point: where were you planning on leaving it when cousin Mary brings the toddlers over? You know how it is with kids – you can hide whatever you want, but nothing’s really safe, no matter where it is! All is well, though; thanks to today’s National DealTicker deal of the day, you can protect your iPurchase in style without saying iBroke – $15 for a Book-Inspired iPhone Case ($60 Value) or B) $25 for a Book-Inspired iPad Case!


You love your new electronic; it’s thin, bright, and flat-out amazing. …Why hide it in a bulky case? This slim yet sturdy smart cover protects your screen and device without giving it that bulky look and weighted feel. These are durable, high quality cases; each fits perfectly and is specially constructed for a customized, perfect fit to your device. Carefully designed to preserve total functionality – you can fully protect your investment from real life without compromising any of its intricate features. Don’t worry about having to remove the case to plug stuff in or use certain controls – it won’t happen! The modern design is specially suited to contemporary users – so get yours today!


Supplies won’t last long, so make sure to order yours soon! This is a great deal on a much-needed and high-quality accessory, so don’t miss out! Spread the word to other iPeople everywhere, and protect your prized electronic in durable style, only with today’s DealTicker!

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Book Inspired iDevice Cases: A) $15 for iPhone 4/4S ($60 Value) OR B) $25 for iPad ($80 Value) - Taxes Included
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