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$10 for 2 Animal Silicone Crumb Catcher Bibs (Available in 7 Colours) - Taxes Included ($25 Value)
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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – baby likes beets! Not that feeding time wasn’t precarious enough, but now baby’s demanding one of the most stain-heavy foods you have at home…so much for keeping his white jumper clean until dinner! Wish you could make mealtime a bit of a tidier endeavor? You can, with today’s stain-no-bane National DealTicker deal of the day: $10 for two Animal Silicone Crumb Catcher Bibs – Available in 7 Bright Colours – Taxes Included ($25 Value)!

These absolutely adorable baby bibs are specially designed to make mealtime – and its aftermath – both a joy and a cinch. Juniors are always messy eaters – but it doesn’t have to translate to extended cleanup! These bibs are made from a soft, non-toxic, flexible silicone material that’s so easy to clean you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Simply wipe clean or, if it’s been a particularly messy session – just pop into the top rack of your dishwasher! The neck is adjustable and gentle, so baby stays comfortable all meal long. And the bibs are made with 100% eco-friendly materials! The special design includes a food-catcher at the bib’s base, to catch all those stray crumbs, and all bibs come in extremely colourful and friendly designs!

Don’t delay! These bibs won’t stick around for long – especially at this amazing DealTicker price! This is one of those products you definitely want to get your hands on if you’ve got a young’un at home, so why not get it while it’s most convenient – steeply discounted and delivered right to you! Don’t forget to spread the word to other messy eaters!

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$10 for 2 Animal Silicone Crumb Catcher Bibs (Available in 7 Colours) - Taxes Included ($25 Value)
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