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$14 for Custom Memory Foam Shoe Insoles - Taxes & Shipping Included ($28.99 Value)
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You really love your job, largely because your boss isn’t exactly sure what you do – and so for now the answer is: not much! Of course, even faux working days require lots of standing around and looking pretty, and any amount of such standing around subjects your feet to an undue amount of stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to relieve to said stress? Well, now you can – stand and look pretty all day, and effortlessly so, with today’s National DealTicker deal of the day: $14 for a custom memory foam shoe insoles (Taxes & Shipping included) from Go Gadgety ($28.99 Value)!

Don’t you deserve to walk on a cloud? Let’s face it, we usually take our feet for granted. We walk around all day and don’t give them even a second thought. That is, until they hurt! Now and then, this is simply because we haven’t yet gotten our caffeine fix for the day and have thus accidentally stubbed our toe on that doorstopper that seems opportunely placed to stop absolutely nothing but hapless employees. But most of the time, this is not the case. Most of the time, foot pain is not the result of random, thoughtless office design, or of accidental toe stubbing at the mercy of foolish engineering. No, most of the time, foot pain is the result of your boss telling you to run up to the seventeenth floor even though the elevator is out of service so you can grab his new stapler from the office supply people. The fact of the matter is – your feet are overworked, even if you’re not. Which means they could always use their own spot of heaven! These memory foam shoe inserts provide just that, peppering your foot’s working life with luxury and making any shoe as comfortable as walking on a cloud! This memory foam insole conforms to the unique shape of your own foot, providing a gentle, soft cushion that your feet will thank you for - by not hurting, unless of course you run into that doorstopper again.

These cushioned inserts fit shoe sizes ranging all the way from a Ladies’ size 3 to a Men’s size 13. They even come labeled with guides and are thus super easy to insert and enjoy! This con-sole-ing National DealTicker won’t last long, so make sure to spread the word and buy soon – and give your feet that break they deserve!

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$14 for Custom Memory Foam Shoe Insoles - Taxes & Shipping Included ($28.99 Value)
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