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$29 for an Automatic Eyelash Curler/Styler + a Free Refillable Mascara - Taxes and Shipping Included ($95 Value)
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Your killer outfit is just about complete. You’ve done up the perfect strapless wonder, matched the chicest handbag you could find on this side of 5th Avenue, dolled out in picture-perfect makeup, and iced the cake with a sensuous pearl necklace. You’re ready to charm and to make jaws drop. You look in the mirror – and it’s perfect. Except…well…maybe there’s something missing? How can it be? You’ve addressed every angle, smoothed out every flaw – what’s missing? It’s a tiny detail too easy to skimp on – but skimp no more, with today’s National DealTicker deal of the day: $29 for an Automatic Eyelash Curler/Styler + a free refillable Mascara - Taxes and Shipping Included ($95 Value)!

From Spy Planet comes the ultimate esthetics accessory you know you need but never have on hand! This personalized eyelash styler guarantees riveting lashes and sleek, mesmerizing eyes with every use. The enhanced design and upgraded features allow for ultimate precision and ensure the delivery of the perfect curl, every time. Simply put, you don’t have the time or energy to waste when you’re putting yourself together in a pinch. Enjoy perfect lashes and long looks – you’ll have every jaw drop to the floor! The device’s specialized function allows you to deliver twice the volume with half the effort, so you can bask in full, luscious lashes without having to fret over them for an hour! Enjoy no more clumping, and a smooth, easy, 360° rotation with each use. Make your eyes look more sexy and beautiful like you never thought possible, more easily than you even imagined. This amazing package even includes free mascara – though you can use any brand you fancy. It’s truly a steal, and you’ll find yourself using it over and over!

Make sure to order yours while supplies last! Spy Planet is a well-established dealer of fine goods of all sorts, so you can be sure your order will be processed with the utmost diligence and care. Treat yourself to a true esthetic touch that can really complete any look. You’re totally worth it! Don’t forget to spread the word, and bat your lashes at today’s DealTicker!

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$29 for an Automatic Eyelash Curler/Styler + a Free Refillable Mascara - Taxes and Shipping Included ($95 Value)
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