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What Is DealTicker? is an online performance-based marketing company - saving you 50-95% OFF on the best your city has to offer. Whether it's food and drinks, attractions, events, products, or services, offers great discounts you won't find anywhere else.

How Does Get These Amazing Deals? uses the concept of collective volume buying - the more people buy, the cheaper things can become and everyone benefits!

Today's Deal Is Amazing and I Want It! Now What?

Just click "Buy" on your offer before the deal expires and you will receive your voucher via email.

I Bought A Voucher Today. Do I Need To Use It Right Away?

Not necessarily. Most deals have no or very extended expiration dates but make sure that you read the details of each deal to be sure.

I Bought A Voucher. How Do I Use It?

Once your payment is processed, we email you your Voucher so you can print it. Redemption instructions vary and are listed right on your voucher.

Can I Buy A Voucher and Give It To Someone Else?

Yes. Unless specified otherwise, vouchers are fully transferable so feel free to share today's deal with your friends and family. You can also purchase today's deal by buying it as a gift. Give the gift of sharing!

If I Don't Use The Full Value Of My Voucher, Can I Save The Rest For Later?

No, vouchers have no cash value and unless specified, must be used in one visit.

Can I Combine My DealTicker Voucher With Other Deals, Offers or Specials?

No, not unless specifically indicated otherwise.

What Currency Will I Be Billed In?


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all transactions on are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  This includes both charges and refunds.  If your credit card is set to transact in a currency other than CAD, then your transaction may be subject to exchange fees. 

How Much Tax Will I be Charged?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all vouchers sold on DealTicker are sold on the provision that "Taxes are not included". That means that when you redeem your vouchers the merchant will charge you taxes only on the PRICE of the voucher. That means that if you paid $39 for a voucher that carries a value of $160 worth of products or services, the taxes charged will be on the $39 amount. The applicable tax rate will be based upon the location (state, province, or territory) where you will be redeeming your vouchers.

I Paid for Shipping (and/or Handling) Through DealTicker, is That Refundable?

All shipping fees are refundable for all unredeemed vouchers where shipping for the product has not yet began and purchases fall within DealTicker's refund policy (please review the refund policy here).

Unfortunately, once shipping has commenced or the refund period has lapsed, all shipping (and/or handling) fees collected through DealTicker are non-refundable.

What is an Early Bird DealTicker?

Early Bird DealTickers are deeply discounted offers that are available for a limited-time only!

The lowest prices are released at the start of the offer and prices may increase with or without notice at any time.  


Hurry and take advantage of these deals as prices are set to go UP!

How Safe Is DealTicker?

DealTicker is very safe! Your credit card number is transmitted via secured encryption by SSL directly to a secure electronic safe. is "VeriSign Trusted" Verified and Secured®.

Are There Refunds On Vouchers?

Please read our refund policy. For further questions please contact us.

Do You Remove Content From Your Discussion Board?

No. However, if someone is making inappropriate comments regarding racial, religious, political, or other beliefs, we will delete their comments. We will also not tolerate any spamming, trolling, etc... So be nice!

I Bought A Voucher and Now That Business Has Closed Down... Can I Get My Money Back?

If anything happens making it impossible for you to redeem your voucher, DealTicker will do its absolute best to ensure to provide a satisfactory resolution to any situation and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

I Have A Business and I'd Like To Be Featured On

That's great! Please visit our For Business page and provide us some details on what it is that you do, and what you wish to have featured. One of our friendly representatives will then get in touch with you to discuss further details. You can also contact them directly by e-mailing us at:

If I Refer A Friend To DealTicker, What's In It For Me?

If someone you refer to DealTicker, buys a DealTicker Voucher, you'll receive a commission via a credit applied directly to your DealTicker account that you can use towards any future purchase on the site!

How Do I Get My Representative Link So That I Can Send It To My Friends and Family, and Get Paid When They Buy?

First you need to register on - it's free and takes just a few minutes. Once you have registered you will automatically receive a link under "My Account" where you can share deals by either pasting it in your email, facebook, twitter or any other sites you wish to post. Every time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get paid!

How Many People Can I Refer?

You can refer as many people as you want! The more people that buy through your link, the more money you make!

I've Been Referred To By Several Friends... Will They Each Receive A Commission?

Sorry, but there can only be one person who gets paid for the referral if you purchase. The commission goes to whichever friend sent you the referral link that you ultimately use to buy a Voucher. Please note that commissions will only be issued for legitimate referrals where one individual refers an offer to another individual with a different name and a unique credit card number.

When Do I Get Paid My Commissions?

IMMEDIATELY!  The minute you earn even 1 penny in credits, you can turn around and apply them to any purchase you wish to make on the site.  Suddenly it's not just deals at 50% - 95% off, they can be totally, completely, utterly.... FREE!

What Other Cities Will Be Expanding To?

We currently are in the process of bringing deals to all cities across Canada and the United States. Stay tuned!

How Can I Contact DealTicker's Head Office?

For Businesses

Use DealTicker as a means to grow your business. DealTicker provides perfomance-based marketing allowing your business to acquire new clients within a limited time-period. Run a DealTicker to promote your establishment to a targeted audience, and receive mass exposure absolutely FREE.